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trash/bug queen/whiny gross baby


Collection of Japanese school lunches served at a middle school in japan


Where are you? And im so sorry. I cannot sleep, i cannot dream tonight.

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Boys are STUPID that’s why they drop out more and get worse grades than girls~~

why can’t i get any french work done ugh too many distractions when it’s an online textbook why madame why. and why can’t i just like win wildfox clothes for life or something ugh it’s my fav. 


french FRENCH

find recipes for FRENCH

change marimo water and get crickets

make hair not shitty

drink more water

be more fabulous 

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“I love beauty. I am a nihilist, but I love beauty.”

— Fyodor Dostoevsky, Demons

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names are very important because words are spells. some people say your name in a way that makes you feel like you are being shaped by the way their tongue moves, like you are being hugged and loved and coddled. other people make your name feel like a graveyard. do not trust ghostmakers. don’t let people mangle your bones


i love it when she gets really weird and scary haha, this is so good

I’m just scared of getting any older any older than I am this second I regret grtting this old already

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i love boys

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